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Dear Customer

SC AR-Elektronik S.R.L. is a Romanian engineering company with German capital having as main activity the designing, producing and delivery of printed circuit boards.

The printed circuit boards are produced according to the data provided by the customer. Received data should be in Gerber-X format, in Eagle or Target files. The orders are processed and adapted to the standard norms by our engineer team. Further the final design of the board product is accurately verified and analysed in order to eliminate all possible errors in the design and guarantee for a secure and reliable product. Critical points are always discussed with the customers. Following these clarifications the printed circuits will be produced. Consequently You will get a circuit board which corresponds to the highest quality and precision standards. Stringent adherence to technological prescriptions and the quality assurance system covering the whole process provide for a stable product quality. The boards are produced on modern machines, with UL certificate, as a guarantee for accuracy and precision.

All the pcb-s are electrically tested at the company's expense.

You, as a designer have to assume a huge responsibility. A small mistake in Your work can cause a lot of waste of time and financial damage.

We can't assume Your responsibility, but we can facilitate Your work by our pcb-s.

Our vast experience in designing, producing and delivering of printed circuit boards provides for an ample competence and know-how, which in turn guarantees for the customer security and reliability, even in the technically more demanding projects. Special requests, individual solutions bring no problems for us.

We have stable prices, proportional to the quality, though many service undertakings present a continuous rise in prices. Make sure of it by comparing our products with other producers' and distibuters' products.

In the hope of a future cooperation our highly qualified team is at Your service any time.

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